Tactile Communication

social grooming: When one individual will groom another, usually removing dead skin and parasites. This is used to reinforce social bonds amongst members of a group. The red uakari engages in a high rate of social grooming, with adults females performing this behavior more often than adult males or juveniles (Fontaine, 1981). Adult females with young will usually direct social grooming towards them more than other individuals (Fontaine, 1981). Grooming tends to be reciprocal, and if one individual does not reciprocate, the grooming bout is ended (Fontaine, 1981).

contact aggression: This is a graded behavior that varies from pushing to biting (Fontaine, 1981). This behavior is seen in disputes with conspecifics and with different species and is performed by both sexes from young juveniles on upward (Fontaine, 1981). This serves to communicate aggression (Fontaine, 1981).

Last Updated: May 8, 2007.
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