Olfactory Communication

genital sniffing: This is when one red uakari bends down and sniffs the genitalia of another. This behavioral pattern is used in greeting. This is also seen in pre- and post-copulatory situations, and this behavior is performed by males from older juveniles on upward (Fontaine, 1981).

anal rubbing: This is when an individual will rub the anal region on to a substrate (Fontaine, 1981). This behavior is performed by the adult female and is seen during estrus (Fontaine, 1981). This behavior functions to communicate the sexual condition of the female to males (Fontaine, 1981).

urine wash: This is where adult males will vigorously spread urine on themselves (Fontaine, 1981). The urine is described as having a sweet, aromatic smell (Fontaine, 1981). This behavior is seen in intimidation displays and functions to communicate aggression (Fontaine, 1981).

Last Updated: May 8, 2007.
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