Antafia Sportive Lemur (Lepilemur aeeclis)

This species has binocular vision. The Antafia sportive lemur has a large cecum. On the hands and feet are large digital pads used for clinging. The face of this species is grey and the ears are described as protruding and rounded (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006). The pelage above the eyes is dark-colored, and diffuse stripes may run upwards to join in the middle of the head continuing as a single, darker stripe until the middle of the back where it breaks into a less distinct stripe until the tail (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006). The dorsal side is gray to reddish gray (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006). The middle of the back tends to show reddish coloration that extends on to both shoulders and the upper and lower arms (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006). The thigh and lower limbs are less reddish than the upper part of the body (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006). Light to darker gray characterizes the ventral pelage (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006). The tail varies from gray with some red to deep rusty red with negligible gray (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006).

The Antafia sportive lemur is found in the country of Madagascar. This species lives between the Betsiboka and Mahavavy du Sud Rivers (Andriaholinirina et al., 2006).


The Antafia sportive lemur moves through the forest by vertical clinging and leaping (Fleagle, 1988).






The Antafia sportive lemur gives birth to a single offspring.

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Last Updated: March 20, 2007.
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