Curriculum Vitae-Sean Flannery

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B.S. Anthropology, Biological Aspects of Conservation and Zoology, 1997, University of Wisconsin-Madison; GPA: 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

Post-baccalaureate Certificate In Biotechnology, 2012, Madison College; GPA: 4.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Courses Taken:

Pharmacy: Drug Delivery Systems Lab I, Introduction to Drug Action and Delivery I, Introduction to Drug Action and Delivery II, Medicinal Chemistry I, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Pharmacy in the Health Care System, Psychosocial and Management Aspects of Pharmacy
Zoology: Animal Communication; Directed Studies in Zoology; Ethology; Ethology Laboratory; Evolutionary Biology; General Ecology; General Genetics; Introduction to Animal Development; Limnology; Ornithology; Sociobiology/Social Ethology
Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology; History of the Maya; Hominoid Evolution; Human Adaptation and Accommodation; Human Evolution; Origins of Civilization; Primate Adaptation and Evolution; Primate Behavioral Ecology; Principles of Archaeology
Geology: Environmental Geology; Evolution of the Vertebrates; Evolution and Extinction
Microbiology: General Microbiology Lecture & Lab
Chemistry: General Chemistry; Introductory Organic Chemistry; Intermediate Organic Chemistry; Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Physics: General Physics
Geography: Environmental Conservation
Mathematics/Statistics: Calculus; Introductory Statistics
History: Medieval European History; Origins of Scientific Thought; Revolution and Nationalism in Ireland;
Life Sciences Communication: Publications Editing; Public Information Campaigns and Programs
Literature: The African Autobiography; Modern Indian Literature; 19&20th Century Russian Literature II; Vladimir Nabokov: Russian and American Writings
Folklore: Slavic and Eastern European Folklore

Research Experience:

Web sites:





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