Rio Maues Marmoset (Callithrix mauesi)

The Rio Maues marmoset has nails on the digits that are more claw-like. The overall pelage color of this species is dark brown with having cheek patches of silvery-brown, a back which is marbled with black-and-white hairs, feet with a faint orange tint, a tail that is black with faint bands of silvery gray and black, and underparts that are buffy with an orange tint (Mittermeier et al., 1992). This species has tufts of hair on the ears that are silvery brown and are different from other members of Callithrix in that they are erect (Mittermeier et al., 1992). The scrotum of the male is pinkish-white in color (Mittermeier et al., 1992).

This species is found in the country of Brazil. The eastern limit to this species range is Rio Maues and the western limit is Rio Uraria and Rio Abacaxis (Mittermeier et al., 1992). The northern limit is formed by both the Rio Uraria and Rio Maues-Acu and Rio Abacaxis forms the southern limit to this species range (Mittermeier et al., 1992). This species lives in dense primary rainforest (Mittermeier et al., 1992).


The Rio Maues marmoset moves quadrupedally through the forest and is capable of short leaps (Fleagle, 1988)>




lip-smacking: this is when a Rio Maues marmoset opens and closes its mouth rapidly. This serves to communicate an invitation to copulation as well as communicating aggression. Sometimes occurs with rhythmic tongue protrusion.

rhythmic tongue protrusion: this display occurs with lip-smacking and is used to communicate an invitation to copulation as well as aggression.

eye-brow raise: this display is used when a Rio Maues marmoset is threatened.

This species usually gives birth to twin offspring.

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Last Updated: May 18, 2007.
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